I’ve been working with Clare Langley for a number of months on my new venture Lost & Found London. The level of expertise and structure she has bought to my business has been outstanding. I’m actually at a point in the development stage which is far beyond any level I would have expected to be at without her input.
I have been completely amazed by her business knowledge, online marketing skills which is absolutely crucial for any successful business and her methodical work ethic.

I can see this relationship being a lasting and fruitful one.

Laura Dellar

Director, Lost & Found London

I employed Clare to join the company when we were expanding. I needed a driven person to create and implement new processes to make the business more efficient and ultimately more profitable. Clare absolutely exceeded expectations and become the “go to” person to make our processes better.

Not only is Clare thorough and diligent in achieving the tasks and goals, she is an extremely well liked member of the team.

I knew if I asked her to do something, it would be done and I would never have to worry about it. This is a rare quality that you can completely trust someone with something so important to the business.

I have to say Clare was indispensable to the business and me personally and I unreservedly recommend her to you.

Craig Allen

Technology Consultancy, Project Management and Business Advisory Services

Clare has been nothing but professional in her work with us at RJS Gardens. She was able to quickly grasp what I wanted to accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve my goals. She has a wide variety of implementation scenarios in her background that she could draw information from. She really is providing an invalable service so I couldnt recommend her enough

Regan Smith

Director, RJS Gardens

In march 2015 My lead generation business was doing well but lacked any real finesse in the back end. Revenue was coming in and we were turning a profit but the management of accounts, processes and direction were diversified to say the least.

I heard about Clare through a previous colleague who had a small e- commerce business who benefited from her skills in clarifying business vision and implementing changes in their marketing campaign which put their business on the map in the web shop arena.

I can’t thank Clare enough for her concise skills in seeing positive change from an outside perspective and not being afraid to deliver profitable ideas in an open “no holds barred” manner of speaking.

Charlie Jenson


I had the privilege of working with Clare for a little more than 5 months and in that time I found her to be well grounded & very detail oriented. She is a hard worker & has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Antonio Ludovico

Creative Communications Director

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