SME Consultant

Entrepreneurs and businesses need resources and strategies that will take them to another level of business and growth. 

Clare Langley – The History

I am a hard-working highly organised, resourceful, confident and motivated individual with demonstrable skills and experience. Dedicated and enthusiastic with a proven track record to create and deliver new ideas, systems and projects into the working environment. Known for being focused and always pivotal in delivering multiple concurrent tasks to meet demanding client deadlines while maintaining the highest of standards. Frequently described by managers as articulate, proactive and combining this with an understated, yet highly confident and professional approach.

With years of experience and a multitude of skills gathered from industries such as Transport, Vehicle Sales & Servicing, Event Services, Logistics, IT and Communications, Graphic Design, Print and Display solutions for the Marketing and Advertising industry, I will streamline your business ultimately making it more efficient & profitable.

Lets get to work & see those results.

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